video solutions for all types of business

Promotion FX bring together their expertise in video and digital marketing to provide businesses with innovative and affordable video marketing solutions that increase sales.

Video tells your story in a unique way that increases client engagement and turns viewers into customers.


Promotional videos have become a popular marketing tool across most industries in the past couple of years. They can quickly get a message across and engage your target audience, whether from your website or social media.

A promo video can promote your product, service or business and we will work with you to ensure the right message gets to the right people. We not only have the expertise to produce your video, but can guide you in the right direction to ensure it gets maximum results.

Get Online Now!

As more and more people are watching TV through catch up and on-demand, the broadcast industry are seeing a decline in TV commercial spend. Big brands are releasing their TV ads online, through video platforms like YouTube, because this is where their audience are!

We offer video production of 'Online Video Adverts' to our clients, where we produce professional commercial adverts and offer a strategy for its distribution online.